Coldness is already chilling some northern cities like New York City, you could feel the air around you as low as 50 degrees these days. Have you ever imagine holding a bag, your cellphone, or even a cup of hot coffee in one frozen morning? Cold, cold fingers. It’s time to explore some popular touch screen gloves before it’s really frozen outside. Touch screen gloves offer you protection from cold without inducing their role of fashion accessory. Let us check these touch screen gloves.




Knitted touch screen gloves. These gloves are made with a blend of spandex and acrylic, is wonderful partners when waiting the train or bus in the fall. It is simply a white coloring on thumb and forefinger for smooth touch on your small gadgets. Purple makes a cute tone, a wise choice for casual outfits. Other colors like black and white are relatively safe picks.


20151001-Studio Session-042.jpg



 Lace touch screen gloves. They have a lace decoration on the entry and strap adorn on the side, with a light gray on fingers, is fashionable enough to wear in a restaurant and more formal events. These gloves in dark colors create an elegant and classy look to your ensemble.




 Monochromatic touch screen gloves.Single colored gloves are must-have in your wardrobe. Matching any outfit with these monochromatic gloves, they are simple and chic for this winter.

You won’t be willing to spend too much time reading messages from your friends, checking maps and taking photos of the snow in the freezing air. You need some touch screen gloves to keep out the chill and enjoy your time outside. Fashionable and functional, those touch screen gloves bring unique trend in the winter. NYwholesale, a leading online texture wholesaler based in New York City, always keep a step with trend each season, and are widely accepted by many customers. They listed a variety of astonishing touch screen gloves at a lowest price. That’s a valuable choice for most retailers around the United States.