The semiannual event New York Fashion Week is presenting on its graceful venues. While outside Skylight at Clarkson Square, some street style stars always catch your eyes in the street. While, Fedora hat is really an amazing accessory to perfect your integral appearance. Checks those hats out!


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 Cyndi Ramirez is a fashion worker. She is wearing: Crystal blue stiletto heels, loose navy skirt, print crossbody, white and orange striped halter, striped coat, silk scarf, orange sunglasses and a grey fedora hat.


Tips: loose skirt is an essential in summer days, coat on shoulder with a deep-colored bailey hat brings vintage style, and bright heels make you elegant and unique.




Emily Kammeyer is an accessories designer. She is wearing: black patent leather T-strap sandal, loose navy romper, black perforated shopper, gold bangle, black bracelet, gold necklace, and red fedora hat.

Tips: Bold-colored hat, monochromatic romper with light-colored bangle and necklace create a comfy and laid-back look.




Liz Teich is a fashion blogger. She is wearing: black mules, black short skirt, colorful clutch, snail bracelet, double rings, white romper (worn as a top), green jacket, azure crystal necklace, brownish fedora hat.


Tips: green coat on shoulders with undertint top and short skirt elongate your legs, colorful clutch and rings endows you with a chic and sexy look.