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The glamorous event New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Spring Summer 2016 rounded off this Thursday. As the beginning of four major fashion weeks, NYFW is a large party for celebrities, designers and fans from the whole world. Apparel Industry and economy of New York City still influenced by this event, albeit the shows was over. For this fashion week, following are four major topics:


1. Trend

Fashion week comes out many trendy elements include traditional Chinese decorations, floral prints, stripes, laces and more. Some oriental motifs and hues are frequently presented in catwalk. Designers like Malan Breton, Vivienne Tam, and Lie Sang Bong, they are creating a traditional art in their designs, along with modern silhouettes. From Breton’s dress and suits, we witnessed blue waters of Sun Moon Lake, Tam’s pieces take us to the culture of mahjong tiles. Many other designers also prefer to embellish with traditional handcrafted embroideries, characters, appliqués, and dyeing technology.




(Credits: Leona Liang)


2. Changes

What is the difference? NYFW 2016 experienced some major changes that make you surprised. First of all, Lincoln Center is not the main venue for showgoers anymore, and Skylight Studios become the main venues of fashion week, along with other popular space like Chelsea Piers and Milk Studios. Then, the title sponsor of fashion week took on Lexus, and Mercedes Benz is no more tied with NYFW. New official logo designed by Mother New York also unveiled early this year. Last, some featured runway shows are on the NYFW hit. VFiles starts with a street dance performance that gain many great applause. And Lie Sang Bong’s runway set with some dandelions, which bring the audience a vivid wonderland.   



3. Impacts

We have to admit that there is no other effects greater than considerable economic benefits generated by NYFW. As New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) reported, Fashion Week absorb up to $900 million each year, and direct visitor economy is $532 million. 900 companies in fashion industry create opportunities for 183000 employees and account for 5.5% of the city’s workforce. Apparel companies also contribute $11 billion in wages and $2billion in annual tax revenue. On the other hand, the wholesale sales is $72 billion as well as $18 billion in retail sales. The growth of fashion economy is experiencing a rising trend from year to year, especially the wholesale clothing market in New York City.




4. Future

New York Fashion week have been held in 1943, people today are expecting more and more captivating shows. In fact, those shows are just a small piece of the fashion industry, the most indispensable role is taken on wholesale clothing manufacturers. For common consumers cannot afford the designers’ items, the chic and nice-priced pieces tend more popular in daily life. Some wholesale clothing manufacturers like NYWholesale, the top wholesaler in New York City, are exploring the chicest decorations and embroideries of fashion week and endow those trendy elements with their designs. Only if wholesale apparel companies produce preferable pieces for customers, the fashion industry will witness full blossom in the future.



(Credits: Leona Liang)