Autumn, as a season between summer and winter, is not hot and cold. In the most flattering weather in New York City, touching autumn is a delightful stroll in the paths of Central Park at afternoon, is a long walk with illuminators in the Times Square at cool night. Whether in a tranquil meadow or prosperous street, do not forget a poncho or a cardigan to avoid a cold and still in a unique look. Worldwide fashion gurus had long accepted ponchos and cardigans as a piece of fashion.


Ponchos were used as a protection against wind, rains and snowfall in 500 BC, and it was popular in military use in times of Civil War. Ponchos are basically a large sheet of fabric with a hole in the center. The hole is where the head is put through and the rest of the fabric falls on the shoulders covering the body from all sides. Today ponchos are made up of lighter, softer fabrics like cotton, wool, and knitted to make a perfect dressing.


A comfy knitted poncho is a must-have for your closet. Assorted colors, fabrics, patterns and designs of ponchos with embroidered, cutouts, or other accents are feasible for wearing at formal occasions as parties and functions. Moreover, ponchos connect with traditional as well as modern outfits. You can have a stylish look and stay warm at the same time by teaming up ponchos with any garment whether traditional or modern. Ponchos have become the ideal go-to garment these days since it looks trendy with almost anything one wears.



A fitted cardigan is also a subtle way to this season’s trend. Cardigans provide welcome warmth, they are made or knit from the highest quality materials and are stylish and elegant as well. Add volume to your off-duty outfits with a woolen cardigan for a feminine silhouette. A cardigan can give you a classy look when connected with the right outfit. Pair it with basic tops and a pair of leggings. It can be also paired with a mini skirt. Open cardigans give a fluid, easy look and also create a strong vertical line so you look taller and thinner. While dark colored cardigans can definitely amp up your ensemble in business or can go wild with bright colored cardigans at parties or outdoors.